Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge Review

Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge Review

Welcome to my Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge Review

Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge is a new training by Fergal Downes.

It goes live on September 14th at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by one of the vendors can be found here.

Fergal's 7 Day Challenge Review
Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge Review

What Is This Training All About?

In a nutshell, this 7-day challenge shows the students of Fergal Downes…

…how they can make their first $297 sale online within 7 days.

They do this by creating simple websites for people and companies…

…without needing any tech skills just by advertising their website creation business.

They advertise on various different sites and also offline too.

They learn how to make professional websites for people…

…by using very simple, yet professional wordpress templates.

Now he has opened this up to a larger audience beyond his existing students.

You will learn how to make your first sale in just 7 days.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

With this challenge, you will first want to join Fergal’s FB group.

This is where you hold yourself accountable for getting results…

…and get all your questions answered about the 7 day challenge.

After you do this, you’ll  want to follow these modules.

  1. Overview
  2. Advertising – Fiverr
  3. Done Deal
  4. Newspapers
  5. Upwork
  6. FB Marketplace
  7. Business Cards
  8. Dealing With Offline Clients
  9. Portfolio
  10. Your Business Website
  11. Pricing For Hosting Etc.
  12. Creating The Sites – Hosting
  13. Site Creation
  14. SSL Cert For Site Security
  15. Dedicated eMail Address
  16. 7 Days
  17. Outsource Everything
  18. Case Study and Conclusion
Fergal's 7 Day Challenge Review
Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge Review

Who Is This Training For/Not For?

This training is perfect for those who want accountabiliity for succeeding online.

Maybe you’ve bought a lot of courses and softwares…

… without seeing the sort of results that you desire.

If this is the case, then you will benefit from this training.

Also, this is for those who are tired of affiliate marketing.

To offer a site to a local business is one of the easiest ways…

…to earn high ticket commissions of 500 to 1k a sale.

Really, every local business needs a high quality site like this.

So, it’s perfect for those who want to do something…

…in place of (or in addition to) traditional affiliate marketing.

The question is: what is the best way to promote these sites to local businesses?

Please read the next section and have a look at my custom bonuses.

Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge Review: Final Thoughts

What you will need to have success with these DFY sites?

It will help to have a DFY script that will appeal to buyers in any category.

This is what I have for you in my exclusive bonus (see below).

Also, you will benefit from what’s called a “foot in the door” strategy.

This will make a big difference for you in selling websites to clients.

Since selling a website is a high ticket item…

…you will need to have a strategy to sell a low ticket item to sell upfront.

That’s the exact strategy I have for you in my bonus.

Also, you will want to know the ways in which to contact local business.

Please check my bonuses below.

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OTOs of Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge

OTO#1 – Done For You: $37. In this upgrade the vendors have done for you, super high converting campaigns ready for you to plug and play. They also include a further free traffic method inside the training.

OTO#2 – Mass Traffic: $27. In this upgrade Fergal gives his students more traffic methods that he is using right now. These traffic methods are different from the main course.

OTO#3 – Product Launch Training $67. Previously sold for $497, this is training on how to create and launch products on the Warrior Plus/JVzoo platforms from Fergal – a 7 figure product launcher.

OTO#4 – Monthly LIVE Coaching From Fergal: $97. With this upgrade Fegal’s students get 2 things. 1. Access to his facebook community where he answers all of your questions related to internet marketing. 2. Access to Fegal’s monthly live coaching calls where he guides his students in building their online businesses.

OTO#5 – Empire VIP Club $2 Trial for 14 days then $37 per month. Fergal’s Empire community is now 1,700 members strong. Inside the training he teaches 1 new traffic method per month. Fergal is inside the members only Facebook group every day helping members grow their businesses with the traffic methids that he teaches.

OTO#6 – Resell Rights $47. With this upgrade, you get 100% commission on the entire funnel.


(Launch Only **Exclusive Bonus created specifically for this 7 day challenge. Goes away on September 19th @ 11:59pm EST).  Where to advertise other than what’s mentioned in the course. This bonus gives you other ways to advertise your webiste other than Fiverr and the other places mentioned in the course..


Websites authority for maximum SEO.  With this bonus, you get a large collection of secret strategies on how to grow your sites authority – using Web 2.0s, Google properties, and .Edu and .Gov. This is an exclusive bonus and is pure gold. Very few people (even advanced marketers & SEOs) know this secret information.

A high converting script that you can use to reach out to local business in any category. This works for any local business. 

Email Marketing Strategy For Contacting Local Businesses

How To Outsource Prospect Outreach On The Cheap (very cheap).

Foot in the door strategy. A great way to get clients by selling something that most clients will say “yes” to and then you can offer then your site to them.

How To Buy & Sell Hot Local Domains:  This over-the-shoulder video tutorial reveals the full process you need to sell geo-specific domains to local businesses.

How To Flip A “No Revenue” Starter Website For Profit – Tutorial/Case Study. Take your domaining to the next level by building a simple site and then flipping it. A starter site is actually fairly easy to sell if you do it the right way. Proof can be found in this tutorial by an expert of this method.

Directory Hack For Identifying Clients Who Need Your Help: With this proven, dead simple technique you will find a lot more clients eager for your help. Very few people know about this hack. This is gold. 

Service Arbitrage Secrets: In This Bonus, you will learn closely held secrets of service arbitrage.  This is something you can do alongside product arbitrage.

Offline Bullet Cash. Full course on local business marketing.

Case Study of How I sold A blog/website On Flippa For $1,650


Traffic Storm (Full course): Traffic Storm shows our customers how to use solo ads to get traffic, build their email list and make passive recurring income sales. The income that they make from the solo ads offsets the price that they pay for the solo ads

Tribe (Full course): Tribe shows our students how they can build a FB group in any niche to up to 14,000 members and market to that Facebook group to make sales.

Passive Pro (Full course): Passive Pro shows our students how they can create a passive income online on Clickbank

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