Fame Payday Review

Welcome to my Fame Payday review.

Fame Payday is a new product by Tom E and Vick Carty.

The vendors describe it as the ulimate YouTube hack.

It goes live on January 21st at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Fame Payday Review
Fame Payday Review
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What Is Fame Payday All About?

Fame Payday claims to reverse-engineer YouTube’s algorithm against itself.

This allows one to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to any link in any niche for free.

With Fame Payday, you will learn how earn affiliate commissions or how to be an influencer in a niche.

Also, you will give a software to help you with keywords for your title, tags, and description.

Watch A Fame Payday Review below:

What Is This Training Based On?

The training is based on a case study of a niche channel put together by Vick Carty’s wife, Ekta.

You will learn her secrets for how she became an influencer in her niche.

Starting in January, 2020, she grew her channel remarkably in just one year.

She now has over 3 millions views and 30k subscribers.

Best of all, she gets continuous requests for shoutouts – where she can charge up to $1,500.

Her success is due to the Fame Payday method.

What Are The Steps You Need To Take?

The training will show you how to optimize your videos for views.

However, the “playlist hack” comes later on in the training.

This is the pivotal aspect of the method – as it will give your videos a lot of views.

Bear in mind, this hack will not ‘rank’ your videos but rather the playlist you create.

As for which videos to put in the playlist (and in what order), this is explained in the training.

Fame Payday Review
Fame Payday Review

Who Is Fame Payday For/Not For?

Since this “hack” is so underground, it’s worth it for everyone doing video marketing to know about.

From rank beginner to seasoned veteran video marketers, this technique is well worth the cost.

Of course, if you are not doing video marketing currently…

…and have no plans to do it in 2021, then you might want to pass on Fame Payday.

However, this is a must-have for everyone doing video marketing.

Fame Payday Review: Final Thoughts

Really, Fame Payday is an excellent, original method proven to work.

It’s a method that I’ve never heard of…

…and I’ve take a lot of how to online courses on video marketing.

What I like is how simple the method and how few people know about it.

What I can add to this Fame Payday review is my own recently devised strategy…

This will take Fame Payday to other social media – essentially putting it on steroids.

This is a launch only bonus – so make sure to check my bonuses below.

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OTOs of Fame Payday

OTO#1: Unlimited Edition: $37 DS to $27

The FE features a software to pick the right keywords, etc, to make sure you get as many clicks as possible once you implement the hack. The FE is throttled at 20 searches per day, which puts a limit on what you can do with it. This upgrade unthrottles it to give you unlimited daily searches.

OTO#2: Private Succcess Blueprint $37 DS to $27.

Full video Case study that shows what the vendor, Vick Carty, does to dominate with this method

OTO#3: DFY Success $197 with DS to $97

The FE features one monetization method (affiliate marketing), aka one stream of income. With this upgrade, the vendors add 4 DFY streams of income in various niches. More importantly, you will get put into the vendors private Skype Group, where Vick Carty and other members will help you to scale your income as high as possible.

OTO#4: Become An Influencer 

In January of 2020 Vick’s wife Ekta launched a brand new YT channel. Using the Fame Payday hack (she’s the one who started it all), now a year later, her channel has over 3 million views, over 35,000 subs, and she gets weekly offers of paid shoutouts anywhere from $500 to $1.5k.

With OTO#4 you get a full step-by-step bootcamp on how to duplicate her results. To do that, you’ll need to use the same tools that Ekta used, so the vendors give you the 3 additional softwares she used (built by the vendors) to make this happen. Also, you get full training on how to use these tools to become a YT Influencer in 2021.

OTO#5: 1 Million Clicks 100% Guaranteed

Takers of OTO#5 get to work privately with Vick Carty, with a lifetime membership to his weekly coaching calls. This is catered to those who don’t just want to earn some money; it’s for go-getters who want to get to 1 million views on YT and beyond. The vendors guarantee that each taker of this OTO will reach at least 1 million YT views while working with Vick in this private program.


*Launch Only Bonus* – My Newly-Devised System For Creating A Tsunami of Targeted Traffic To Your YouTube Channel.  This never-seen-before tutorial, which will show you how to use 4 other social media platforms to grow your YouTube channel without having to create any extra content. Best of all, you won’t need to put your face on camera. This bonus gets removed on Jan 28th at 11:59 PM EST.

Bonus: #1: Easy Method For Creating OutStanding Thumbnails.

Bonus: #2: Keyword Strategies To Rank On YouTube – Here are some additional long tail keyword ranking strategies for you to give you an extra advantage beyond what the Fame Payday keyword software offers you.

Bonus: #3: The CPA Project – My best selling course on video marketing and CPA.

Bonus: #4: Advanced Backlinking strategies (Important to know so as to rank your videos in Google as well as YouTube).

Bonus: #5 9 Video SEO Hacks you must know in 2020.

Bonus: #6 The Awakening – Full Course on Video Marketing.

Bonus: #7:Video Sales Formula (Full course).

Bonus: #8: Additional Free Tools To Use To Boost Your Video Marketing


STORM: Training and Software




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