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Drop & Pop Review

Welcome to my Drop & Pop Review

Drop & Pop is a new app by Brendan Mace and Diego Hernando.

It goes live on August 4th 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Drop & Pop Review
Drop & Pop Review

What Is Drop & Pop All About?

This software leverages the power of other people's videos.

What this means is you will not have to create them yourself.

The vendors have pre-defined keywords to help you choose videos.

It's well known that review videos in the IM space have high conversions.

So, you will be in a position to earn with these videos without having to do the work.

All you will need to do is share your campaigns via social media.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will log into the members area.

Then, you will watch the tutorial which explains what to do.

After this, you will click on campaigns.

You can either use your own keyword or one of pre-selected keywords.

Additionally, you will be able to add an intro or outro to the videos.

Next, you will choose a pre-made, customizable landing page template...

...and put in your heading and affiliate link.

The last step is to share your link on social media.

Drop & Pop Review
Drop & Pop Review

Software Pros & Cons

The pros are the ability to leverage the work of others.

You can select videos from top affiliate marketers.

This means avoiding the hassle of creating and editing your own videos.

So, this is perfect for those who don't want to put their face on camera.

However, the disadvantage is that you are not branding yourself.

So, whether this is a pro or con depends how much this matters to you.

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Drop & Pop Review: Final Thoughts

Drop & Pop is a nice solution for those who don't want to create videos...

...but want to take advanatage of the power of video marketing.

Of course, while you can't take advantage of YouTube itself with this method...

...you can leverage the enormous power of social media.

How are you going to do this if you don't have a following.

I have put thought into showing the best ways to accomplish this.

So, make sure to check my bonuses below.

OTOs of Drop & Pop

OTO#1: Unlimited Edition DS to $47

OTO#2: Done For You  $197 DS to $97

OTO#3: DFY Leads & Swipes $197 DS to $97

OTO#4: Limitless Traffic  $197 DS to $97 

OTO#5: License Rights to Everything  $167 DS to $97


**Launch only bonuses get taken down after the launch ends on August 11th at 11:59PM EST.**

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