Dolphin Dividends Review

Welcome to my Dolphin Dividends Review.

A review of a recent product by the same vendor can be found here.

Dolphin Dividends is a new training by Dawud Islam.

It goes live on June 10th at 9AM EST.

Dolphin Dividends Review
Dolphin Dividends Review
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What Is Dolphin Dividends All About?

The basis for Dolphin Dividends is simple enough.

Dolphin Dividends involves a concept called “low content books.”

The training shows how to create these books in a simple way.

Once the book is complete, you insert a cover.

Next, you embark on promoting your “low content” creation.

After this, you rinse and repeat the process.

Watch a Dolphin Dividends review below:

Who Is This Training For/Not For?

When you think about it, content creation lies at the heart of make money online.

The more you give, the more you receive in a sort of law of recipricocity.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to create content quickly.

The thought of creating an “eBook” can seem like a daunting task.

Also, it’s a challenge to promote content in “non spam” way online.

Dolphin Dividends reveals how to achieve both of these ends.

So, the course is for those who want to create content but don’t want to put in a lot of work.

However, if you already have a working system for creating content…

…then chances you don’t need Dolphin Dividends.

Dolphin Dividends Review
Dolphin Dividends Review

Final Thoughts Of This Dolphin Dividends Review

This system for earning income online is proven to work.

In fact, it’s an overlooked way to earn.

However, it’s important to cosider the importance of consistency.

These books are easy to create, but it’s best to create multiple books per week.

Actually, creating a book or two a day to achieve optimal results.

These will pay you a passive “dividend” as more and more readers find them.

Do the work once and you can earn over and over again.

OTOs of Dolphin Dividends

OTO#1: Pro Version.  This version will power your results with emphasis on driving traffic to your book.

OTO#2: Dolphin Dividends Super Solo:  $67 DS to $47. Send 6 x super solo ads to all the members at all 25 of Dawud’s membership sites in the MMO niche. Over 16,000 members in total.

OTO #3:Dolphin Dividends Quadruple Reseller Rights. $97. DS to $67. Sell Dolphin Dividends + 3 of Dawud’s previous Products (Puma Products, Cougar Commissions + Panda Payments) as your own products and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel(s).

OTO #4: Dolphin Dividends Done For You. $197 DS to $97.  You get 5 low content books done for you – includes a 1 hour Skype coaching session with Dawud.

OTO #5: Launch a Product with Dawud. $197. Here you have a chance to launch a product with Dawud, a top selling (top 10%) product vendor on Warrior Plus.

#1: Using eBooks To Cover Your Ad Spend & Profit (Tutorial).  This is a new strategy I’ve been testing and it’s working well. So, If you are giving away lead magnets for free and losing money (even after sending out your email sequence) then you’ll want to try this strategy.

#2: “Mid” Content Books. (Tutorial). Use the same strategy Dolphin Dividends offers but with different content you don’t need to create yourself. The exact monetization strategy is revealed as a case study.

#3:  Advanced Content Creation Strategies. In this bonus, I reveal the exact strategies how I create content, which I use for bonuses and full-blown courses. Some of these were taught to me by top internet marketers (which I paid A LOT of $ to get access to).

#4: Spinner and Web 2.0 strategy (Including full backlinking strategy).  This has been a strategy that I use every day in my business and here I’ll share it with you step by step.

#5: How To Set up WordPress site, a landing page builder, and where to get landing page builder for $7. 

#6: Breakthrough: How I Got To 25+ Sales On Warrior Plus & JV Zoo In this tutorial I reveal the primary strategy that helped me break out of stagnation and get to 25+ sales on both of these marketplaces.

#7:  Ultimate resources for online marketing using free methods.  Available on the web, but difficult to find.This is a piece of affiliate marketing gold.

#8: The best eBook cover creators I’ve used (if you’re like me and graphic design is not your thing and you want to outsource…this then I’ll show you where to go to get amazing eBook covers done cheap).

Vendor Bonuses



Expired Domains Masterclass

Ultimate CPA Masterclass

Panda Payments

Get Dolphin Dividends + All Relevant Bonuses

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