Cyclone Review Bonus

Welcome to my Cyclone Review.

Cyclone is being brought to market by Venkata Ramana and Mark Bishop.

It goes live on June 9th at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product  by the same vendors can be found here.

Watch Cyclone Review Bonus Below:

What Is Cyclone All About?

The creators of Cyclone describe it as a “done for you online revenue generation system.” 

The first step is to choose one of the Cyclone done for you packages and then add your link.

Then,  turn on the Cyclone traffic builder, which is a free viral system.

Lastly, Cyclone tags the free generated traffic, and mails out on the user’s behalf (on autopilot).

In sum, Cyclone aims to do the work for the user to generate income online.

Cyclone Review Bonus
Cyclone Review Bonus
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How Much Does The User Have To Actually Do?

What I like about Cyclone is that it will build the viral traffic element for you.

It cuts down the amount of work to create such a campaign you’d have to do on your own.

However, as the headline says, you do need to activate this system.

What does “activate” mean?

It means driving initial visitors for the viral element to take effect.

Users will have different methods for doing this.

One of the obvious ways to do this is by way of social media.

So, in other words, with Cyclone, you have a viral traffic system in place.

Yet, obviously, you need to generate visitors to this system.

Cyclone Review Bonus
Cyclone Review Bonus

How To Get The Initial Traffic?

If you’re new to online marketing, you’re going to need some training to help you drive traffic.

However,  you don’t just need a heap of bonuses from an affiliate.

What you need is a tutorial specific to Cyclone, which shows how to apply these traffic sources.’

Fortunately, this is what I’ve got for you with my bonus #1.

Currently, I’m using a viral system on Instagram that is similar to to Cyclone.

In my bonus, I will reveal this system in depth.

Additionally, I will show you the minor tweaks you can make so it works for Cyclone.

OTOs of Cyclone

OTO# 1  – Cyclone Storm (Unlimited Version – $67). Same features as FE with the following additions Bonus page drag and drop builder – (Advanced users / Optional use – Included). Bonus selection (integrated library) – (Advanced users / Optional use – Included). Unlimited Subscribers. Unlimited Use. 6 Additional Cyclone Revenue Packages to choose from.

OTO#2 – Cyclone Tsunami (Auto version – $37). Same features as FE with the following additions Scheduling. User schedule campaigns to share across social mediaSet up unlimited Traffic Builder (referral) campaigns. Schedule Traffic Builder (referral) campaigns.

OTO#3 – Cyclone Instant Traffic ($97). User Pixel is added to Cyclone sales page enabling users to build a large targeted audience.

OTO#4 – Cyclone AGENCY ($47). Reseller package

OTO#5 – Cyclone 1k Every Week (Price: $197). 1k Every Week video tutorial with Done-for-you products. All the user needs to do is fill in the blanks, generate and give away high quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks. Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure.

Custom Bonuses
  1. How to “activate” your Cyclone viral traffic (Exclusive tutorial).
  2. My new, viral IG system – very useful for Cyclone.
  3. FB Laser Targeter.  This underground tool shows you how to target people on Facebook using the same algorithm used by Facebook Ads.
  4. The Secret Weapon. This full course shows how to market in Facebook Groups using a very engaging method.
  5. Effortless FB Profits.  Full course on how to do FB ads and free Facebook marketing.
  6. IM Insider’s Blueprint.  Multi-video tutorial. An exclusive, inside Look at the game of internet marketing
  7. Explosivo + Unreleased DFY Upgrade.  This is my best-selling course on getting fast traffic to your IG posts.
  8. Holiday Gold Rush. My Best-selling course on a free Twitter marketing method and Bing Ads.
  9. Social Signals Unleashed. (Tutorial).
  10. Affiliate Profit Blueprint (Full course).

Animatio – wordpress Animations plug in

Insta Income Stores – WordPress plug in for selling physical products.

All Vendor Bonuses – a variety of WordPress plugins to help your online marketing.

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