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CryptoMemes with PLR Review

Welcome to my CryptoMemes with PLR review.

CryptoMemes with PLR is a DFY product and training by Jonny Rose.

It goes live on August 6th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Crypto Memes with PLR Review
Crypto Memes with PLR Review

What Is This All About?

With this product, you get ready-to-use memes and viral content.

Owners of package can use them immediately to:

  • Get attention
  • Build their business
  • Make money online.

What users get is a collection of 365 ready-to-use viral memes.

That's one year of pre-made content that your audience can use immediately.

With a PLR license, users can edit/rebrand them.

Alternatively, one can give them away as bonuses/gifts/incentives.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will want to go through the Meme training doc.

This outlines exactly what you need to do to succeed with memes.

This includes info on how to make money online using memes.

The vendor shows strategies for the following platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • FB Groups
  • Your Own FB Group
  • Reddit
  • Gab
  • Email List (Email marketing)
  • Lead Magnet
  • Give Away (as a bonus)
  • Drive traffic to webinars
  • Quora

So, you will want to follow this training through sequentially.

Then, you will know how to share this to get the best results.

CryptoMemes with PLR review
CryptoMemes with PLR review

Who Is This For/Not For?

Sharing memes is a proven free traffic strategy that works on social media.

So, you will want to be active on social media to make this work.

To get the ball rolling, it would be useful to have an existing following.

However, if you don't have a following you can still make this work.

The training will show you what you need to earn 3 figures per day.

CryptoMemes with PLR Review: Final Thoughts

This DFY pack ha a lot of potential for list building and earning commissions.

However, you will need to be consistent to make this work over time.

To get a viral effect in place, the initial traffic push is pivotal.

So, what I have in my bonuses are ways for you to kickstart this traffic.

Make sure to check out my bonuses below.

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OTOs of CryptoMemes with PLR

OTO#1 CRYPTO MEMES UNLIMITED $27. Immediately access 1K extra DFY Crypto memes, with new memes added each month

OTO#2 Make Money With Memes VIDEO TRAINING $47. One hour masterclass ; plus four extra video training courses; instant Traffic With Snapchat; Quora Marketing Made Easy; Increase Your Influence With Instagram; Getting Visitors From Pinterest

OTO#3 RESELL RIGHTS / DFY CRYPTO MEMES BUSINESS $67. Promote 'Crypto Memes with PLR' and get 100% commissions on all sales. 

OTO4 MONTHLY MEME MEMBERSHIP $1 Trial - rebills @ $9.99/month: Join private membership community with other elite meme marketers, get discounts and free meme packs 


YouTube Automation To Drive Traffic To Any Page or Offer.  Includes hour long tutorial by a pro + my best-selling course Profit Domination showing how to promote your memes via video.

Underground Social Media  Sites To Post Content On - Go beyond well-known platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc to post content on underground platforms. This will give you an real advantage.

Facebook Groups Strategies.  Top level strategies on how to grow your own Facebook Group in 2021.

The Secret Weapon: Powerful Facebook strategy for getting most out of Facebook groups.

Facebook Laser Targeter:  Use this powerful tool to build your following on Facebook using the same algorithm as FB ads.

Explosivo. This is my full course on getting fast IG traffic to your offers.

Instagram Viral Traffic Strategy

Twitter Method for Free Traffic:  Deploy powers of Twitter to get people clicking on your link in droves.

100 A Day TikTok Secrets - Step by step tutorials on little known, effective ways to make $100 a day on TikTok.

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