Crispy Prints Review

Crispy Prints


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Crispy Prints Review

Welcome to my Crispy Prints Review.

Crispy Prints is a new training, app, with case studies by Ike Paz.

Ike is a known marketer in the printables sub-niche of the make money online niche.

It goes live on November 2nd at 9AM EST.

Crispy Prints Review
Crispy Prints Review

What Is Crispy Prints All About?

This is a unique software that creates printable products and bundles.

You can sell these items passively from your website or off of Etsy.

It includes easy to follow video training, case study, and a keyword tool.

Additionally, there are multiple software printable generators.

These include game sets, banners, dice, stickers and various types of game bundles.

Crispy Prints does NOT require any technical or design skills.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you need to go through the training.

All in all, there are 25 videos to go through.

The training is step by step and leaves nothing out.

What the software will do is create a background image.

Then, you will be able to create a variety of games.


Crispy Prints Review
Crispy Prints Review

Who Is Crispy Prints For/Not For?

This training and software will be perfect...

...for those marketers who want to do something different

than traditional online (affiliate) marketing.

If you have the desire to create and sell prints, this is perfect.

Also, if you are already working online in but looking for a side hustle...

...then Crispy Prints is a viable solution.

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OTOs of Crispy Prints

OTO#1: Printable Banner. $27. Get access to a whole new printable banner generator. Plus, get Banner generators for 2022. You can sell these as standalone products or add them to game bundles for more profit and added value.

OTO#2:Printable Sticker. $37. Get access to the printable sticker generator.  Sticker Generators for 2022. Your customers can sell these as standalone products or add them to game bundles for more profit and added value.

OTO#3: Printable Game Bundle. $47. Get access to 2 more game bundle generators, including road-trip printables and Christmas printables (just in time for the holidays). 28 all new games. Plus all new Game Bundles Generators for 2022. Selling printable game bundles is a great passive way to earn online.


Bonus #1: The vendor's complete puzzle book profit training and templates for Amazon KD

Bonus#2: Zero To Profit with Printables (Case Study) - reveals 3 profitable traffic sources.

Bonus #3: Other ways to promote Printables than what you learn about in Crispy Prints.

Bonus#4: Profit Code (Full training) - My latest Deal of the Day winning course on how to market on Quora.

Bonus#5: Facebook Laser Targeter Tool - *Exclusive* Updated training on how to make the most out of this amazing tool using it with Xena.

Bonus#6: Facebook Live Wire – Guide On How To Use Facebook Live.

Bonus#7: Explosivo – My best-selling course on how to get laser targeted traffic from Instagram.

Bonus#8: Holiday Gold Rush + Advanced Twitter Methods –  Laser targeted traffic from Twitter.

Bonus#9: Free Traffic Frenzy.  Guide to getting a ton of free traffic from Reddit.

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