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CopySketch Review

Welcome to my CopySketch review.

CopySketch is a new software by Yogesh Agarwal.

It goes live on May 21st at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Copy Sketch Review
CopySketch Review

What Is CopySketch About, Exactly?

In a nuthhell, this app creates prove sales generating copies...

...with stunning DFY designs & Generates free traffic in three easy steps.

Users do no need any prior marketing experience.

Simply, you will program your copy and design by filling in simple information.

There software does all the heavy liftig for you.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will need to go through the tutorials.

Then, you can click on "Create Project" on the left hand panel.

After this you will click on:

  • Project name
  • Category
  • Niche
  • Fill detail
  • Select template

Then, you will have the option of just write the content or full design.

After this, you will fill in details related to the benefits of your offer.

Then, the software will create the copy and design for you.

This copy and design you can use for any niche that you prefer.

CopySketch Review
CopySketch Review

Who Is This For/Not For?

Really, this app is for anyone who needs copy and design for their online business.

In fact, who doesn't need it? Really, only those who are working offline.

So, if you work online then you need to have the skills to create your own copy and design.

Otherwise, you will need to outsource it to professionals.

In the internet marketing industry, copy and design for a sales funnel costs at least 1k.

There is not getting around this cost....unless you have a tools like CopySketch.

CopySketch Review: Final Thoughts

Really, CopySketch gives you what you need to succeed...

as a digital product creator and marketer.

However, what I have in my bonuses will help you on the creation side.

I have a total of 11 courses on Warrior Plus - 7 of which have been best sellers.

What I will show you is how I created these courses.

Also, you will get the best of my own marketing materials...

...for various copy you might need in your own business.

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OTOs of CopySketch

OTO#1 Pro: $48 DS to $38

OTO#2 Stock Edition: $58 DS to $48

OTO#3 Visual Edition $58 DS to $48

OTO#4 SEO Edition  $68 DS: $58

OTO#5 Whitelabel Edition $198 DS to $148

OTO#6 Delta Edition $147 DS to $97


My Personal Vault of DFY Ads and Subject Lines.  This is not to be missed as it's the perfect complement to CopySketch.  You can use these as swipe files and as inspiration to tweak.

Online Product Creation Secrets.  In this tutorial, I show you how I created my top-selling products on the Warrior Plus platform, most of which have each sold over 500 units. My products start out as bonuses and then turn into full blown products.

Profit Cyclone FE.  My recent flagship course that reveals how I earn online each and every day.

Warlord Secrets FE:  My recent best-selling course on Quora marketing.

Underground Social Media Sites To Post Content On - Go beyond well-known platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc to post content on underground platforms.

51 Social Media Marketing Methods To Build Your Business

Classified Ads Secrets - Updated list of classifed ads sites where you can post your ads.

All Of My MMO Case Studies of Earning From Various Methods Rarely do I offer this as a bonus, but you get a dozen case studies of my earning online since I started to collect them 2019.

Underground eBook share method for targeted traffic. -

How To Install A Landing Page builder for only $7 one time cost.

All Vendor-Arranged Bonuses: Over a dozen courses and guides to help you earn money online.

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