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Welcome to my Commission Trooper Review

Commission Trooper is a new cloud-based software by "Team Blackbelt."

This team consists of Art Flair, Pallab Ghosal, and Ram Rawat.

It goes live on April 19th at 9AM EST.

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Commission Trooper Review
Commission Trooper Review
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What Is Commission Trooper All About?

Commission Trooper is an app re-assembles existing videos.

Then, it turns them into free traffic magnets in 3 minutes.

So, you may ask: is this app just about uploading creative commons videos.

The answer is yes, it is - in part.

Really, though, this app take publicly available videos and makes them your own.

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What Are The Drawbacks of Commission Trooper?

First, the cons: The disadvantage of using creative commons videos has to do with branding.

Simply, you're not branding yourself when you use other people's videos.

However, with Commission Trooper, you can cut out a good deal of this drawback.

The reason is: You have the capability of using intros, outros, and watermark to brand you.

So, even if you use a well-known guru's video on your channel, you will take ownership of it.

What Are The Advantages?

The advantages of video marketing are obvious enough:

  • Videos are the ultimate source of passive traffic in 2020.
  • Videos are both free and targeted.
  • You can send a significant amount of traffic to any offer.
  • You can get buyer traffic directly to your affiliate link.
  • Video marketing works in any niche - from dog training to make money online.

However, many people don't want to put their face on camera or do voice-overs.

They also despise the process of video editing.

These are some drawback of traditional video marketing.

However, with Commission Trooper, you won't have to deal with any such issues.

Commission Trooper Review
Commission Trooper Review

Final Thoughts On This Commission Trooper Review

The most difficult aspect of video marketing is creating the videos.

So, with Commission Trooper you can circumvent this easily.

All that is required for you to do is to customize videos already created by experts.

The greatest benefit is that you can do all your research within the app.

However, if you want to do additional external research....

...I have put together bonuses to help you with this.

Also, and most importantly: How are you going to monetize your videos?

This is not covered in the training.

So, I have you completely covered on how to do this with my bonuses.

OTOs of Commission Trooper:

OTO#1 is a $47 Done For You pack.  DS to $27 (Done For You Lite pack).

OTO#2 is a $67 List Building System Pack. DS to $47 (List Building System Lite).

OTO#3 is a $197 Resellers License. DS to $97 (Resellers License Lite).

OTO#4 is a $147 WSOTD Product Pack. DS to $67 (WSOTD Product Pack Lite).

OTO#5 is a $47 High Ticket System. 

OTO#6 is a $27 High Ticket ‘Oil-Wells.’

  1. Advanced Video Backlinking Strategies (Freshly Updated in-depth tutorial). This is the ultimate strategy for ranking your videos to give you a competitive edge over your competition. You will not want to miss out on this, as this is what just about all the top affiliates focused on video marketing do, but don't talk about.
  2.  The CPA Project: My full best-selling course (1,500+ units sold) on how to create easy videos for CPA offers. This is the perfect bonus for Commission Trooper as it fits in perfectly with showing you how to monetize these videos.
  3.  Personal Rolodex of the Best Online Workers: This is an exhaustive collection of the high level workers on places such as Upwork and Fiverr. This bonus will do three things for you. If you need any work done on video creation - from customizing creative commons videos to actual video creation, here you get the best in the biz.
  4. Secret Method To Promote Clickbank Products with Videos (Video tutorial).
  5. Secret Method To Get Free Traffic From Latest Trends (video tutorial)
  6. How To Do Video Keyword Research (Tutorial)
  7. Video Sales Formula (Full course).
  8. Additional Free Tools To Use To Boost Your Video Marketing
  9. Social Signals Unleashed (Tutorial).
  10. 9 Video SEO Hacks You Must Know in 2019 (Tutorial)
  11. The Awakening (Full course on creating video content).
  12. How I grew my YouTube Channel To 10k subs (Brendan Mace tutorial).
  1. FB Traffic Hack (Full course -deal of the day winner).
  2. Traffic Titan(Full course – deal of the day winner).
  3. FB Traffic Enigma (Full course – deal of the day winner).
  4. Easy Profit Secrets (Full course – deal of the day winner).
  5. 6 Minute Profits (Full course – deal of the day winner).
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