Commission Seeker Review

Welcome to my Commission Seeker review.

Commission Seeker is a new training by Cynthia Benitez.

It goes live on April 28th at 11AM EST.

I have given Commission Seeker review access, so watch my video review for a walkthrough.

Commission Seeker Review
Commission Seeker Review
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Watch Commission Seeker Review Below:

What Is Commission Seeker All About?

Commission Seeker is a way to take advantage of influencers.

The front end training shows how to earn $100 daily with an under-rated method.

While I have seen this method in other training, it’s usually mentioned along with others.

For instance,  this product called Push Quick touches on it along with other methods.

However, Commission Seeker dedicates itself to showing you step by step what to do.

So, what exactly does this training reveal?

This involves contacting YouTube influencers in your chosen niche.

Is This A Newbie Friendly Method?

Commission Seeker does not require you to create content.

So, all you will need to do is to contact influencers in your niche.

Then, you will negotiate with them to let them promote for your offer.

While this is a simple method, it does require that you implement it the right way.

And, as a practitioner of this method, Cynthia shows you step by step exactly what to do.

While this is not a free method, the cost is not high because of what’s taught inside.

Cynthia reveals the sweet spot of which YT influencers to contact.

Commission Seeker Review
Commission Seeker Review

Final Thoughts On This Commission Seeker Review

I like how simple and effective this method is.

Also, there is a case study on the front end, which verifies the method.

And, as you will see with Cynthia’s results, the conversions are very high.

Of course, this method focuses on YouTube influencers only.

So, in my bonuses, I have a way you can get traffic from other social media platforms.

In my exclusive bonus #1, I have a list of the top 10 influencers in different niches.

OTOs of Commission Seeker

OTO#1 Commission Seeker Advanced: $17.

 Here the vendor will show you basic and advanced strategies.

OTO#2 – Commission Seeker Rolodex: $37 

The vendor will provide the premium resources she uses to speed up the process for this method, so you don’t have to do all of the research manually and can make money faster.

OTO#3 – Commission Seeker Reseller Rights: $67 

Sell Commission Seeker as your own product and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel.

OTO#4 – Coaching: $197

Coaching for a month where the vendor will help you with anything you need regarding Internet Marketing.


Bonus #1: The OPL Method – (*Launch Only bonus*). Underground way of leveraging other people’s list for a low cost.

Bonus#2: The Top IG In 20 Influencers In 5 Different NIches. 

Bonus #3: Leverage IG Influencers – This full course shows how you can take advantage of influencer marketing.

Bonus#4: Campervan Commissions – Full course on Affiliate marketing

Bonus #5: Best Way To Make Money in 2020

Bonus# 6: How To Build A List Fast

Bonus#7: How To Start Making Money Online For Free

Bonus#8: – The Freebie Page

Click Here To Get Commission Seeker + All Relevant Bonuses

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