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Welcome to my Clone Me Review

Clone Me is a new done for you system & training by Brendan Mace.

It goes live on January 14th at 9M EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Clone Me Review
Clone Me Review
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What Is Clone Me All About?

Clone me consists of 40 “Done For You” campaigns.

Also, you will get case studies and tutorials with a front end purchase.

Each campaign comes with bonus pages (and bonus delivery pages).

In sum, Clone Me is a complete "done for you" package.

Watch a Clone Me Review below:

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

On the sales page, you'll see the following three steps:

  • Login to the members area
  • Send traffic using free traffic.
  • Click 'refresh' to see the commissions you've earned

As is typical for a sales page, this is over simplified... let's look at what' you'll actually do.

Once you go into the members area you will land on the dashboard.

There, you will have access to all the campaigns.

Click on the "Create New Campaign" button.

Enter a campaign name and then put in your affiliate link (once it's approved).

Then, you will select a done for you review and click on "save and publish."

All that's left to do is put your bonus delivery page link in the Warrior Plus checkout area.

Clone Me Review
Clone Me Review

What Are The Pros & Cons of Clone Me?

The pros are obvious enough: Having campaigns that made its creator a lot of money. (5k+ per promo).

The drawback is traffic - how do you drive to these campaigns?

Click on "instant traffic" and then you will have the ability to get social media traffic.

Really, all you have here is the ability to promote your campaigns on social media.

So, not having traffic strategies as part of the front end course is a drawback.

However, that's where buying through affiliates can help you.

To this end, I have put together a custom bonus package that will help get you targeted traffic.

Click Here To Get Clone Me + All Relevant Bonuses

OTOs of Clone Me

OTO#1: Traffic Training. How to get traffic to the done for you campaigns.

OTO#2: Lifetime Campaigns. Get monthly campaigns from us for life. This is a “one time” payment with no recurring fees whatsoever. DS to 14 Day Trial Rebills at $37/Month. We’re gonna let people test this out for two weeks first. Then become monthly member’s at a decent sized commission for you.

OTO#3: Easiest System Ever. Everything all set up and good to go for easy profits.

OTO#4: Limitless Traffic. We are going to allow 100 people siphon the traffic directly from our sales pages. An excellent investment...

OTO#5: License Rights. 100% Commissions on the entire funnel

                                                                                                                         CUSTOM BONUSES

#1:  Mega Bundle: Access to the front end of all my previous courses on Warrior Plus - 7 total - 5 of which won Deal of the Day: (Limited to the first 20 people who pick up Clone Me via my link). 

#2:  Advanced Content Creation Strategies. In this bonus, I reveal the exact strategies how I create content, which I use for bonuses and full-blown courses. Some of these were taught to me by top internet marketers (which I paid A LOT of $ to get access to).

#3: The Traffic Boss.  This is the best tutorial on lead generation I've ever seen. It's 1 hour+ long and provides step by step instruction on how to maximize your traffic.  Amazing, underground content revealed by one of the most successful marketers in the IM industry.

#4:  A 7-figure guru's ultimate resources for online marketing.  While this is freely available on the web, it's difficult to find! I've been using this myself for the last few months, but now I'd like to share it with you. This is a piece of affiliate marketing gold.

#5: Ultimate Vault of high converting split-test swipes for any niche – PLUS 60 emails written by a professional copy writer that can be used for any money online/IM/Biz opp offers.

#6: (Mega Bonus): Top 5 Traffic Sources of 2021 + Full Training on each platform
1. Instagram Influencer Marketing
2. Google Display Ads
3. Bing Ads
4. Solo Ads
5. Pinterest Ads

#7: How To Install A Landing Page builder for only $7 one time cost.

#8: Affiliate Profit Blueprint (Full course on getting started with affiliate marketing).

#9: 0 to $100 in 24 Hours.  An excellent course on building strong affiliate promotions with video marketing.

#10: Online Free Ads Secrets: Tutorial and training on how to get traffic by placing free ads.

Click Here To Get Clone Me + All Relevant Bonuses

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