ClickFunnel Converter Review

Welcome to my ClickFunnel Converter review.

ClickFunnel converter is a new training by Jonny Rose and Sasa iIich.

It goes live on July 20th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

ClickFunnel Converter Review
ClickFunnel Converter Review
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What Is ClickFunnel Converter All About?

ClickFunnel Converter is a 20-video module course.

It instructs users from beginners to advanced how to passively earn money with ClickFunnels.

You can do this as an affiliate, product creator or service provider.

Additionally, there are 5 Bonus products to drive traffic from major platforms/networks.

These include Bing, Google, Solo Ads, Facebook and Instagram.

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Who Is ClickFunnel Converter For/Not For?

First, it should be mentioned is you don’t like ClickFunnels, this is not for you.

That is, if you’ve tried ClickFunnels and chose their competitors and are happy, then stick with it.

However, if you you did, say, a 14 day trial with CF and got distracted in that time…

…maybe you didn’t give it the test drive that you wanted during that time due to lack of information?

Then, if this is the case you, will benefit by ClickFunnel Converter to see the full power of ClickFunnels.

Certainly, if you’re a newbie interested in learning about the best page builder (conversion kit) on the market…

…you should strongly consider picking up ClickFunnel Converter

ClickFunnel Converter Review
ClickFUnnel Converter Review

What Content Will You Get In The Training?

ClickFunnel Converter is a two part training.

The first section is called “The Main ClickFunnels Training.”

This includes topics such as the following:

ClickFunnel Converter Review
ClickFunnel Converter Review

Now, you may ask: isn’t this information you can get in ClickFunnels training itself?

The answer is this training goes beyond what Clickfunnels offers.

If you want to get more in-depth training like such as this you will need to pay for it.

Also, you will be able to access this information before you get into CF’s 14 day trial.

Really, you want to get this information before you start your trial so you can straight ahead use CF.

Click Here To Get ClickFunnel Converter + All Relevant Bonuses

What do you get with Part 2 (Case Studies)?

With section 2, you get very recent case studies of users earning with ClickFunnels.

It’s worth noting that these are very recent case studies (in a month prior to the launch).

None of the examples are from “gurus” in the internet marketing space.

All of these are from users who are fairly new to online marketing.

Here is the list of what you get in the second part of the training:

ClickFunnels Coverter
ClickFunnels Coverter Review

Is ClickFunnels Converter Worth The Investment?

Once you go through the case studies, it’s obvious that the answer is yes.

This training will put your ClickFunnels membership on steroids.

To get this extensive instruction for only $9.45 is an excellent bargain.

The advantage, too, is that you can learn everything about ClickFunnels before the free trial.

The basic version of ClickFunnels goes for $97 a month.

This seems like a fairly large investment when you’re just starting out (even with the free trial).

However, I’d day that for the vast majority of people who are launching products…

…you will want an easy way to create your own membership area and sales page.

If you outsource this, you’re looking at paying 1k+.

Final Thoughts of This ClickFunnel Converter Review

ClickFunnel Converter is a great way to become a ClickFunnels expert before your free trial begins.

Really, it gives you everything you need to be a ClickFunnels expert even before using it.

One of the problems with ClickFunnels is you spend most of your 14 day trial figuring things out.

Ordinarily, life events happen in that 14 day period and you don’t accomplish what you want.

However, with CF converter, you will go into your trial well-prepared.

Then, during your trial you can execute your marketing without having to learn the ins and outs.

Also, if you’re already a seasoned ClickFunnels user but feel you’re not getting the most out of it…

…you will learn how to get maximum value from the training provided by Clickfunnel Converter.

OTOs of ClickFunnel Converter

OTO#1: Passive Profile Profits PRO  ($27 with DS to $17). This is the UPGRADED course which contains 20 advanced video modules that will bring your business to the next level with ClickFunnels. This is also a very practical course, with easy to follow instructions. No fluff theory. Only actionable steps to succeed.

OTO #2:  DONE-FOR-YOU Service ($47 / 27) – Copy & Paste 173 High-Performing ClickFunnels in 10 seconds Access a collection of READY-TO-USE FUNNELS – NO DESIGN SKILLS necessary

OTO# 3:  An Hour With Jonny Rose ($77). A hr of 1-2-1 coaching, conversation and collaboration where buyers can get their funnel reviewed by one of the vendors, discuss any stumbling blocks they’re having with the product, or just ask anything they want about internet marketing.

OTO# 4:  Resell Rights ($97 / 67)  Keep 100% of the profits when you re-sell ClickFunnel Converter to friends, family and email list or social media audience. Buy the Resell Rights and the vendors will bump you up to 100% Commissions Throughout The Entire Sales Funnel ($258 per sale).


BONUS #1: Getting To 25.  Revealed: Fastest Way To 25+ sales on Warrior Plus and JV Zoo. 

BONUS#2: Secret Method To Promote Clickbank Products with Videos:  

BONUS #3  Secret Method To Get Free Traffic From Latest Trends (video tutorial)

BONUS #4: Online Free Ads Secrets: Tutorial and training on how to get traffic by placing free ads.

BONUS#5 Fuego Breakout (Full Course on Instagram Influencers)

BONUS #6:  Twitter Method (Free Traffic From Twitter) 

BONUS#7: Two Top level Bing Ads Training Courses

BONUS #8: Explosivo. My Full Course on how to get fast traffic from Instagram.

BONUS#9: Free Traffic Frenzy: Training on how to get traffic from Reddit.

BONUS #10: Avalanche List Building (Full course on list building.

BONUS #11: Campervan Commissions. Full course on affiliate marketing.

BONUS#12: ReddLab. Full course on Reddit Marketing (Deal of the Day winner).

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