CheckMate Review

CheckMate Review

Welcome to my CheckMate Review

CheckMate is a new software by Mark Barrett and James Fawcett.

It goes live on September 7th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

CheckMate Review
CheckMate Review

What Is CheckMate All About?

CheckMate offers a variety of powerful social media tools to auomate your marketing.

With it, you get tools to help you with Facebook & Instagram.

Also, you will have tools to help you with content generation.

These include interest explorer, auto content, and auto blogging.

Additionally, you will have tools to help with keyword reserach.

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What Do You Get with The App?

Inside CheckMate, you will land on the dashboard.

Then, you will want to import your social media accounts.

These include Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

You will now be able to access the following features:

  • Find Offers
  • Page Builder
  • Downloaded Pages
  • FB Posting
  • FB Autopilot
  • IG Autopilot
  • Interest Explorer
  • Auto Content
  • Auto Blogging
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Comparison
  • Search Tools
CheckMate Review
CheckMate Review

Who Is CheckMate For/Not For?

CheckMate is for those serious about marketing on Facebook and YouTube.

It provides anyone the tools to automate the process.

However, you will need more actual strategies than just the software.

While you get tutorials on how to use the software…

…you don’t get any social media strategies to help you get an advantage.

So, in my bonus package, I have together strategies to help you with CheckMate.

Additionally, I have included a never-before-seen strategy…

…that shows you how to ethically steal from top Clickbank affiliates.

You won’t want to miss out on these bonuses (see below).

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OTOs of CheckMate

OTO#1: CheckMate Unlimited. $37 DS to $27. Unlimited access. Plus some additional Pro features including Auto RSS posting, 40+ Social Media Accounts. Automated retargeting.

OTO#2: CheckMate Autopilot: $97 DS to 67. Auto is the quintessential automation upgrade. It allows posts to be scheduled to your blog on autopilot, Full Google Analytics Integration, and Keyword Auto Suggestions. It allows for easy keyword and content/ranking ideas. Huge time saver and super powerful!

OTO#3: CheckMate DFY. $67 DS to $47. This DFY package is the fastest and easiest way to succeed w/ CheckMate. It combines every asset the vendors use everyday into a slick two click package that produces affiliate commissions hand over fist, 24 hours a day, around the clock.  

OTO#4: CheckMate Inner Circle. $67 DS to 47. Access to the vendors one of a kind Inner circle group. Inside the vendors discuss everything they do on the daily to produce super affiliate income with nothing held back. It’s like a huge mastermind without the cost.

OTO#5: CheckMate Agency Rights Agency. $197 DS to $97. Agency rights will allow you to have an instant online business. Sell this as a service to your existing customers, or create a brand new revenue streams on freelance sites.

OTO#6: CheckMate Unlimited Traffic.  $197 DS to $97. This DFY traffic upgrade will absolutely Turbo-Charge your traffic and commission levels. Combines the unlimited traffic upgrade with the main offer.

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The Ultimate System To Find Out How The Top Clickbank Affiliates Are Marketing To Earn 1000s A Day.  This is a must-have tutorial that will show you how to reverse-engineer ANY high converting funnel or pages of top clickbank affiliates.

How To Make Money with Clickbank or CPA offers using free traffic as a Beginner (Full Tutorial). This is not your typical training that you’ve seen rehashed over and over again.  This is a ninja technique you’ve never seen before and you can apply right away

Explosivo & Unreleased OTOs  – My best-selling course on driving fast traffic Instagram traffic.  Also, you will get the upgrades that were never released because my launch partners decided to use their own.

Facebook Laser Targeter:  Use this powerful tool to build your following on Facebook using the same algorithm as FB ads.

(Mega Bonus): Top 5 Paid Traffic Sources of 2021 + FULL Training on each platform.

Make Money Fast with Clickbank & Instagram

Facebook Giveaway Method. In this virtually unknown method I will show you a Facebook giveaway method that works great for Clickbank and CPA offers alike.

Twitter Method for Free Traffic:  The ultimate free traffic system to deploy the powers of the Twitter to get people clicking on your link in droves.

The Secret Weapon: Powerful Facebook strategy for getting most out of Facebook groups.

Fuego Breakout. Full course on how to drive traffic with IG influencer marketing.

Effortless Facebook Profits: Art Flair’s full Facebook ads course.

10X Commissions. Strategies for multiplying your commissions.

Instagram Made Simple & Profitable – Full guide on Instagram.

How To Crush IG Story Ads with CPA To Earn 10K+ A Month (In-Depth Tutorials From A Top affiliate Marketer).


The Breakout Code – Full Course.

Phoenix – Full Course.

  1. Boost Your Online Sales
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Buyer Click Rolodex
  4. 30 Ways To Get Free Traffic
  5. The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  6. List Building Expert
  7. The Newbies Guide To Internet Success
  8. Double Your Traffic
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