Boss Secrets Review

Welcome to my Boss Secrets Review.

Boss Secrets is a new training by Cynthia Benitez.

It goes live on June 26th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Boss Secrets Review
Boss Secrets Review

What Is Boss Secrets All About?

Boss Secrets reveals the key strategies virtually ALL super affiliates use for big paydays.

These “secrets” are as follows:

  • The Trust
  • The List
  • The Urgency
  • The Pre-Sell
  • The Page
  • The Bonus

Taken together, and applied consistently, these secrets should get your a solid ‘result.’

This result will vary based on other factors, such as the time you put into your business.

However, Boss Secret reveals the blueprint you need to succeed.

Cynthia shows you the actions to take and the tools to use.

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Who Is This Training For/Not For?

First of all, if you’ve taken high level affiliate marketing training, then you may not need Boss Secrets.

If, though, you are buying course after course looking for a formula to success, then you need this.

A student of Jono Armstrong and Dawud Islam, Cynthia Benitez, has applied their training to a T.

What makes her such an effective marketer is staying, as she says in the course, “consistent and persistent.”

You will see that what she teaches is neither complex nor particularly arduous.

In fact, it’s easy to do.

Remember, though, what’s easy to do is easy not to do.

And that’s why the majority fail in digital marketing.

Boss Secrets Review
Boss Secrets Review

Boss Secrets Review: Final Thoughts (Blog Vs. Bonus Page)

One of the areas where I disagree with the training.

In it, she urges marketers to have both a bonus page and a blog.

I had both for many months as a marketers and I found it too much.

Actually, it drove me a bit crazy maintaining both.

Really, you need to choose one or the other.

in my custom bonus #1, I go over the pros and cons of both.

This tutorial will help you decide what’s best for you.

OTOs of Boss Secrets

OTO1 — Boss Secrets Advanced. $27. With this upgrade you will learn advanced strategies to earn even more money.

OTO2 — Boss Secrets DFY. $47. With this upgrade you will get a DFY bonus pages every week.

OTO3 — Boss Secrets Reseller Rights. $67. Sell Boss Secrets as your own product and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel.

OTO4 —  Coaching. $197. Coaching for a month where Cynthia will help you with anything you need regarding your online business.


Bonus #1:  Blog Vs. Bonus Page. In this bonus I break down my own “Internet marketing System” and how it’s evolved. This will give you insight that’s hard to find elsewhere and help you determine the path you want to take.

Bonus#2: How To Set Up A Review Site: Step by Step tutorial on finding a domain, getting hosting, structuring your reviews – this can be done in any niche.

Bonus#3: The Traffic Boss.  This is the best tutorial on lead generation I’ve ever seen. It’s 1 hour+ long and provides step by step instruction on how to maximize your traffic.  Amazing, underground content revealed by one of the most successful marketers in the industry.

Bonus#4: IM Insider’s Blueprint.  This bonus reveals a few realities you need to be aware of to have an advantage over others in the make money online/IM niche.

Bonus#5: Getting To 25+ Sales On Warrior Plus. In this exclusive bonus I show the exact 2 methods that I used to go over 25 sales after being stuck at close to 0 for months on end.

Bonus #6: Online Product Creation Secrets.  In this tutorial, I show you how I created my 3 top-selling products on the Warrior Plus platform, which each sold over 1k units. My products start out as bonuses and then turn into full blown products.

Bonus#7: Ultimate Vault of High Converting Swipes.  

Bonus#8: Urgency Suites Pro: Software to help you add urgency to your campaigns.

Bonus#9: 0 to $100 in 24 Hours.  An excellent course on building strong affiliate promotions with video marketing.

Bonus #10: Advanced Backlinking. My full tutorial on backlinking your review videos and blog reviews.

Bonus #11:  10X Commissions.  Full course on how to multiply your commissions by a 7 figure marketer.


Bonus# 1 – Affiliate Marketing Course For Newbies

Bonus #2 – Secret Method Of Building Your List Fast And FreeBonus# 3 – Amazing Video Software

Bonus #4 – The Freebie Page

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