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Welcome to my Boomz review.

Boomz is a new product by Mosh Bari.

It goes live on April 13th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of product by the same vendor can be found here.

Boomz Review
Boomz Review

What Is Boomz All About?

In short, Boomz is enables users to find trending content...

...from the 10 of the top viral content sharing/social sites.

These include the following:

  • Podcast
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Imgur
  • giphy
  • Dailymotion
  • pixabay
  • Vimeo

So, in a nutshell, you will be able to generate content from these sources...

...which will get you traffic.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will want to go through the tutorial section

users can find trending content from 10 top viral content sharing/social sites.

The next step is to connect your WordPress site with the app.

After this, select posts according to their virality.

Post them on your WordPress sites from dashboard.

Finally, the app generates and publishes the highest quality and unique text content.

It does this by transcribing podcasts and YouTube closed captions to your websites.

Also, you can add amazon and eBay adverts for monetization

The app provides built-in blogging platform where contents can be published.

Boomz Review
Boomz Review

Who Is Boomz For/Not For?

Really, Boomz is perfect for online marketers who need original content fast.

This will give you written content you need.

This mostly solves the problem of content generation.

You can get content from the following places:

  • Audio/Video file
  • Content/Podcast
  • Social Sites

What About Getting Traffic To Your Content?

You can easily create content for your website.

So, Boomz solves this problem for you.

However, will this give you the traffic you need?

The answer is - it depends on the strategies you have in place.

What you will need is

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OTOs of Boomz

OTO #1 – Unlimited $37 (has downsell).

OTO#2 – Done For You $47 (has downsell).

OTO #3 – 100X Conversion Booster $67 (has downsell).

OTO#4 – Goldminers Club $97 (has downsell).

OTO#5 - Automated Unlimited Traffic (has downsell).


My Underground Content Transformation Strategy (updated):  This is the perfect bonus for Boomz as it shows you another way to get original content on demand.

Warlord Secrets FE - My Best-Selling course on how to use Quora and search engine traffic for maximum effect.

Warlord Secrets OTO#1 (Pro Version)

Low Competition Keywords + High Volume Traffic: I've already done the research for you to get low competition KW + high volume traffic. All you need to do is get the content from Boomz and you can rank & bank with the affiliate offer of your choice.

Underground Social Media Platforms To Get Free Traffic From. These sites have already been researched - they get a LOT of traffic despite not being big name platforms.

The Double Game - My full course how to use your WordPress and Medium.

Underground Video Sharing Platforms Other Than YouTube - 

How To Leverage Authority Content to promote anything (without creating the content yourself - share method).

Paid Traffic Mega Suite - Get training on all the major platforms and traffic sources - Google ads, solo ads, etc.

Reddit & Google Search method: This is an excellent method that combined Google search and Reddit – to use on Reddit once you're established on the platform, one that hardly anyone knows about.

Vendor-Arranged Bonuses

Get access to 50 bonuses that I arranged with the vendor to give to you.  This is a mix of case studies, plugins, full courses, and guides.

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