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Welcome to my Big Ticket Commissions Review.

Big Ticket Commissions is a cloud-based app being brought to market by Glynn Kosky.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

It goes live on May 7th at 9AM EST.

Big Ticket Commissions Review
Big Ticket Commissions Review
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What Is Big Ticket Commissions All About?

With this app, you build your subscriber base and generate high ticket commissions.

You do this by giving away a free gift (aka "lead magnet").

This entices people to attend an automated webinar.

So, your done for you page has 2 critical elements to it.

It has both a lead magnet you give away as well as a free training session.

As a result, this appeals to a broader audience so you can double your leads.

Big Ticket Commissions Review
Big Ticket Commissions Review

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, your done for you sales page features a free training webinar.

So, visitors will get what they initially came for.

Then, at the end of the webinar, they get a chance for the premium (big ticket) offer.

However,  subscribers only get their free product information after the offer pitch.

With Big Ticket Commissions, Everything happens automatically. 

New subscribers are added to your list and then are taken to the sales page.

Watch a Big Ticket Commissions Review video below:

Who Is This For/Not For?

Really, marketers of all levels can benefit from this app.

However, it's not for advanced marketers with their own high ticket webinar.

So, it's not for those who do product launches and then drive traffic to a high ticket offer.

However, if you don't have your own high ticket process in place...

...then this is a great way to start earning high ticket commissions.

Since the whole process is automated, it's very newbie friendly.

Moreover, you are not responsible for creating the free gift to give away.

Nor are you responsible for anything to do with the webinar itself.

Big Ticket Commissions Review (Final Thoughts)

This is an app which simplifies the process of getting big ticket commissions.

Also, you get ways to drive free traffic as part of the front end training.

However, I really think you need more traffic than what the vendors offer.

So, in my bonus package, I put together my most massive traffic pack to date.

Additionally, let's say you want to create your own high ticket webinar.

How do you do it? In my bonus package, I've got training for you to do.

Clearly, by buying Big Ticket Commissions via my link you will have a big advantage over others.

OTOs of Big Ticket Commissions

  • OTO #1 - Unlimited Version -  $67 Downsell to $37 Allows you to create unlimited funnels, create unlimited landing pages. You also get additional landing page templates and a graphics + banner ad generator. 
  • OTO#2 - 100% Done For You  - $97 Downsell to 67.  Add your autoresponder info and affiliate links. You’re also getting a big set of proven to convert DFY marketing materials. These have been tested and proven to convert so you just need to send traffic to them.
  • OTO #3 - Unlimited Traffic -  $147 Downsell to 47: This exclusive upgrade allows you to put a remarketing pixel on the vendors sales page.
  • OTO# 4 - $30K In 30 Days Version - $147 Downsell to $47: With this upgrade, you get conversion boosting tools such as hello bars, pop-up, banners etc. This upgrade will help you to scale BTC. 
  • OTO #5 - Super Affiliate Version - $97 Downsell to $37:  Here you can mimic the success of a six figure super affiliate with done for you bonus pages and the other necessary tools of a super affiliate.
  • OTO# 6 - License Rights $147 Downsell to 67.  Here you get 100% across the entire funnel.
  • OTO #7 - Auto Profit Boost - $47 Downsell to $37

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