Animal Kingdom Anarchy Review

Welcome to my Animal Kingdom Anarchy review.

Animal Kingdom Anarchy is a new product by Dawud Islam and Kong P.

In fact, this is a collection of products by Dawud and other internet marketers.

It goes live on August 25th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Animal Kingdom Anarchy Review
Animal Kingdom Anarchy Review
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What Is Animal Kingdom Anarchy All About?

The chaos in the animal kingdom is now working your favor.

As the headline says, you get 35 products for the price of one.

This includes 18 of Dawud’s previous products (his entire collection) and 17 from other marketers.

Watch an Animal Kingdom Anarchy Review Below:

How Might You Proceed with All This Training?

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself at the outset.

To go through each of these courses will take you a minimum of a few weeks.

What I suggest doing is this: sign up for each training separately.

Then, you will want to spend an hour going through each of the courses.

After this, you want to decide which training is best for you.

Decide on half a dozen courses will fit best into what you want to achieve in your business.

Some courses will focus on free traffic, others paid traffic; some social media, others email marketing, etc.

So, you have to decide which method suits you best.

Animal Kingdom Anarchy
Animal Kingdom Anarchy

Who Is Animal Kingdom Anarchy For/Not For?

Animal Kingdom Anarchy is not those who are not doing any sort of online marketing.

However, if you’re reading this Animal Kingdom Anarchy review, this is likely not you.

If you’re doing any sort of online marketing, you will want to get this because the value is massive.

Actually, this is the first time ever of a “100 value rating” on this blog.

I encourage anyone in online marketing to pick this up during the launch period.

The price is only $15 and will be going up after the launch (once the animals are put in captivity).

Animal Kingdom Anarchy Review: Final Verdict

It’s hard to know what bonuses can add value to this much existing value.

However, in my bonus package, I’m including my 3 previous best-selling courses:

  • Holiday Gold Rush
  • Explosivo
  • The CPA Project

(Note: One of my courses, Profit Zenith, released back in May of this year is part of Animal Kingdom Anarchy).

I’m also including case studies of results I’ve achieved online to date.

Click Here To Get Animal Kingdom Anarchy + All Relevant Bonuses

OTOs of Animal Kingdom Anarchy

OTO #1 — Animal Kingdom Anarchy PRO Version. $37 DS to $17.

Get the PRO version upgrades of Wombat Wealth, Monkey Mailers, Jaguar Jackpots, Panda Payments, Dolphin Dividends and Lion Listings, plus Eagle Emails 365 upgrade. Plus free VIP upgrades at all 25 of Dawud’s Elite Tigers Group sites + giveaway versions of 12 of his products.

OTO #2 — Mega Traffic Package. $197 DS to $97.

Get 10 solo ads to Dawud’s entire network of 25 sites in the make money online niche PLUS plug in any URL of your choice into the ad rotators at all 25 sites.

OTO #3 — Reseller Rights. $37 DS to $17.

Get reseller rights to Animal Kingdom Anarchy and enjoy 100% commissions across the sales funnel.

OTO #4 — DFY Campaigns. $197 DS to $97 Downsell

Get sent 3 x DFY campaigns each and every week. Includes DFY bonus page with review video, product demo and ten custom bonuses delivered for you (requires Commission Gorilla).

OTO #5 — Launch a Product with Dawud (Limited to 5 persons only). $997 – No DS

This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to launch a product with Dawud. Either chose your own product idea or have him one create one with you. All of his recent launches have achieved over 300 sales, with some passing 500 sales and winning Deal of the Day. Guarantee yourself success and a buyers list that will earn you money for years to come by taking advantage of this unique opportunity. Strictly limited to FIVE people.


Bonus #1:  My Best & Worst Promos of 2019-2020. An inside look at the results I’ve achieved online for different promotions. I’ll take you behind the scenes of my successful and (not-so successful promotions) to illustrate what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

Bonus#2IM Insider’s Blueprint (includes Getting To 25+ Sales On Warrior Plus).  There are certain realities you need to be aware of to have an advantage over others in the IM niche. Do those at the top want you to know this? – Not unless you pay them 4 figures to find out.  Usually (as I did), you have to go through high ticket coaching programs to get this info.

Bonus #3Online Product Creation Secrets.  In this tutorial, I show you how I created my 3 top-selling products on the Warrior Plus platform, which each sold over 1k units.

Bonus#4Ultimate Vault of High Converting Swipes.  

Bonus#50 to $100 in 24 Hours.  An excellent course on building affiliate promotions with video marketing.

Bonus #6: Reddit & Google Search method: This is an excellent method that combined Google search and Reddit – to use on Reddit once you’re established on the platform, one that hardly anyone knows about.

Bonus #7: Bing Ads Training. Here you will learn how to set up PPC campaigns on Bing Ads.

Bonus #8: Free Traffic Frenzy:  A full course on Reddit marketing.

Bonus #9: How To Build A Buyer’s List. Simple method to add buyers instead of freebie seekers to your list.

Bonus #10: Urgency Suites Pro: Add scarcity/urgency to your promotions and campaigns. Works in any niche. Other than this tool,  you need Clickfunnels to get this! This is especially important for you email follow up on offers.

Click Here To Get Animal Kingdom Anarchy + All Relevant Bonuses

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