Abracadabra Review

Welcome to my Abracadabra review.

Abracadabra is a new software and training by Jamie Lewis and David Kirby.

It goes live on August 28th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by one of the vendors can be found here.

Abracadabra Review
Abracadabra Review
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What Is Abracadabra All About?

Abracadabra is a way to leverage Facebook groups and fan pages for immediate and long term profit.

Since I have been given Abracadabra review access, I will give you a walk through of the members area.

Watch an Abracadabra review below:

There are two parts to this product.

First, you have the control panel which gives you information you need.

Then, you have the software, enabling you to post content.

In the training, Jamie walks you through 3 different models of how to use this system.

He refers to these models as ‘campaigns’ so let’s look at them one by one.

Really, these campaigns are methods unto themsleves.

Abracadabra Review
Abracadabra Review

Abracadabra Campaign Method #1

The first method involves creating a Facebook page suitable for those interested in domaining.

With this method, you will dividing your content in a way that engages your audience.

Jamie breaks down the sort of content you need to create and how to sell your premium domains.

It’s important to watch the training as he shows you how to set up a ratio of the content to post.

Abracadabra Campaign Method #2

The second method is all about how to create a Facebook page to build your list in IM.

With this technique, Jamie reveals how to “niche down” in affiliate marketing generally to attract fans.

You don’t want to create a generic “make money online” page – he shows how to be specific.

Also, you will learn how to combine the personality of your Facebook group and the emails you send out.

Abracadabra Campaign Method #3

The third method involves what we might call the mass market model – setting up a general page.

Here, you will set up a page about a mass market topic – Jamie uses Donald Trump as an example.

With this method, you will trigger engagement from your audience – push their buttons, so to speak.

So, you will not be building a list. Instead, you will be monetizing directly.

Examples of ways to do this: Amazon affiliate; Clickbank; CPA offers; eCommerce products.

Abracadabra Review
Abracadabra Review

Who Is Abracadabra For/Not For?

In this Abracadabra review, we will look at who this software and training is for or not for.

This is for those who want to market on Facebook.

If, for whatever reason, you’re opposed to Facebook then this is not for you.

However, if you’re open to marketing on Facebook then this is must-have training.

Even if you have your own Facebook page or group…

…then you will learn a lot going through this particular training.

Additionally, you will benefit from the software to create content.

What Are The Pros & Cons of Abracadabra?

In the final analysis, Abracadabra requires two things to succeed:

  1. The right strategy
  2. Consistency of content creation.

Jamie gives you three strategies to succeed.

However, to consistently apply the strategies, is up to the user.

So, this is the only real drawback – the user has to take action and be consistent with it.

Unfortunately, most people don’t do this – they move from one thing to the next.

The advantages of Abracadabra are obvious enough:

You get top level training on strategies to suceed and software to create content with.

Additionally, there is a tutorial on how to set up a Facebook page.

Abracadabra: Final Thoughts

The magic of making money online comes down to only two things:

Having the right strategy and consistent application.

If you’re strategy is off, you can tweak it and/or change to another one.

However, if you’re lazy/unmotivated or disinterested in what you’re doing…

…then it’s difficult, almost impossible to succeed.

My advice would be to choose one of the three methods Jamie offers – not go for all three.

Then, take consistent action on creating content for that audience.

How to find the audience to drive to your FB page/group?

Please refer to my custom bonuses below for more information on how to do that.

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OTOs of Abracadabra

OTO#1: – DFY Campaigns: $27. The vendors have personally packaged all of their campaigns and resources for easy use.

OTO#2:Partner w/ Jamie: $97. Users will get unlimited attendance to the Webinar training for life + Priority service and attention in the webinars. Webinars have been performed by Jamie weekly since 2011.

OTO#3:  Abracadabra 10X Maximizer. $29. This system reveals a way to get recurring, high ticket commissions. Get the private function Jamie uses himself in his own business (earn 1k-3.4k per month).

OTO#4:  Abracadabra Marketplace.  $27. This system involves taking advantage of a marketplace where you will be leveraging a private marketplace where it will interface with buyers.

OTO#5: Abracadabra: Ultimate Download. $47. This is a collection of digital assets. All you need to do is to upload and profit.

OTO#6: Abracadabra Instant Profits Edition. $37 This is a plug in which finds expired domains with high domain authority and get high traffic to your affiliate offers.

OTO#7:  Abracadabra Platinum ATM $29.  6K targeted, high converting swipes. Never run out of content and no need to test.

OTO#8:– Abracadabra Profit Sites – $47. This system autocapture emails for you and then monetizes those leads.

OTO#9:  – Abracadabra Agency Access: $27.  Be able to take large client payments. Get paid upfront from people who want to use your membership. Limited to 50 people.


How To Set Up Your Own Facebook Group & Succeed:  This training shows you how to set up and drive traffic tor own Facebook group. Follow this system to get real results.  This is must-have training for Abracadabra.

Why You Need To Set Up Your Own Facebook Group In 2020: This bonus explains the changes happening now with Facebook in 2020 and how you can capitalize on it.

Facebook Laser Targeter method (Awesome underground free tool. Simulate FB Ads for free).  

Social Media Ads Set Up Tutorials –  Learn How to run ads on Snapchat, Quora, Instagram, and Pinterest. This will cover how to run ads on most of the major platforms. This involves training on several platforms.

Ultimate Vault of High Converting Swipes + 50+ follow up sequence in MMO niche.

17 Email Cash Hacks.

Avalanche list building – full course on list building.

Sales Funnel Commando – full course on setting up high converting sales funnel

Explosivo – My best-selling course on how to get laser targeted traffic from Instagram.

Holiday Gold Rush + Advanced Twitter Methods –  Laser targeted traffic from Twitter.

Free Traffic Frenzy.  Guide to getting a ton of free traffic from Reddit.

Fuego Breakout: Full course on how to get IG influencer traffic.


Storm. – A Previous Product by Jamie Lewis.

Super Mega Bonus Package (includes):

How to make 2k a day video training 

Rapid Google Account Creator (Worth 997)

Prestige (Worth 97)

20 WordPress plugins (Worth 987)

70 sales letter templates (Worth 297)

The IM Toolkit (Worth 97)

8 Super softwares

Evergreen Commission Machine

Super Fast Traffic System

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