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Welcome To my 7Min Sales Machine review

7Minute Sales Machine is a new information product.

This is being brought to market by Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong, and Frankie Pellegrino.

It goes live on January 15th at 9 AM EST.

The most recent information product review on this blog can be found here.

In this 7Min Sales Machine review, I will examine what this method is and its pros and cons.

7Min Sales Machine Review
7Min Sales Machine Review

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What Is This Course All About?

With 7Min Sales Machine, you will learn about underground traffic sources.

You will then drive this traffic to CPA (aka Cost Per Action) offers.

If you are not familiar with CPA, then have a look at this ultimate guide, here.

The 7Min Sales Machine is not a typical affiliate marketing strategy.

So, it does not involve what you usually hear about in terms of driving traffic to CPA offers.

In other words, it does not involved Bing Ads, Google Ads, or advertising on Facebook (free or paid).

7Min Sales Machine involves 4 traffic sources - only 1 of which is well known to most people.

And, as Frankie says in the training, you won't find this method by searching YouTube.

True, I've searched a lot of "100 a day" YouTube videos and I've never seen this.

7Min Sales Machine Review
7Min Sales Machine Review

Get 7Min Sales Machine And All Relevant Bonuses

Advantages of 7Min Sales Machine 

This is a real $80+ a day system.

When you start out earning money online, It's important to find a reliable system that works.

In my opinion, the best two ways to make money online are CPA marketing and local business marketing.

However, if you're set on doing affiliate marketing, then CPA is hands down the best way to start.

The reason for this is simple: You do not need to sell anything.

You simply ask people to fill out certain information (name, email, zip code, etc).

However,  CPA marketing for those on a smaller budget can be tricky.

The reason is: Most major platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are not easy to promote on.

7 Minute Profit System shows you the way to utilize other platforms that are not yet saturated.

Drawbacks of Free CPA Methods

CPA methods that can make you $100-$200 a day are difficult to scale.

And, that's true about 7MIn Sales Machine as well.

To get to $500+ a day, you need paid traffic methods.

Of course, this requires a budget and time to test out your campaigns.

One of the upgrades (below) shows you strategies for paid traffic.

However, in my bonus package, I have paid traffic strategies to help you as well.

Also, I have a recent, best-selling course on CPA marketing using 100% free traffic.

And so, you will get that as one of my special bonuses.

OTOs of 7Min Sales Machine

OTO# 1: Done for you. $47/$37. In this upgrade the vendors do the work for you which includes:
- Done For You landing pages
- DFY offers
- DFY funnels
OTO#2: "Advanced Training" Hacks." $67/$47. this upgrade the vendors reveal all of the advanced 'tips, tricks & hacks' that he's used to scale this method. These advanced simple strategies are for anyone who wants to take this method seriously. Then, you can exploit the traffic sources to the MAX before saturation.
OTO#3: "The Ultimate Traffic Package" $197. Over 7 Hours worth of video training on: Adwords, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads & SEO. Additionally, vendors are allowing buyers of this upgrade to place their pixels on our sales pages for 365 days to gather a HUGE Adwords or FB audience and take advantage of re-targeting to a laser targeted audience while getting penny clicks.
OTO4:  License Rights. ($167). Sell "7min Sales Machine" as your own product. This product has taken months to develop / create and thousands of dollars have been spent creating all the sales material. Buyers of this up-sell can enjoy 100% commissions on this awesome high converting funnel while the vendors handle the selling and support. 

1)The CPA Project - My Best Selling Course On Driving Free Traffic To CPA Offers.

2) 3 Underground, Cheap Traffic sources for Cheap CPA Traffic - These traffic sources all produce good ROI for CPA offers and yet now widely known.

3) Explosivo & Unreleased OTOs  - My best-selling course on driving fast traffic Instagram traffic.  Also, you will get the upgrades that were never released because my launch partners decided to use their own.

4) How To Crush IG Story Ads with CPA To Earn 10K+ A Month (In-Depth Tutorials From A Top CPA Marketer).

5) CPA Income Crusher - Full course.

6) Top 5 Paid Traffic Sources For 2020.  With this mega bonus you get a complete walkthrough of how to set up campaigns on 5 of the best traffic sources of 2020.

7) CPA & Email Marketing  Discover a fresh approach to making money with CPA using email. Tutorial.

8) Underground Craigslist method: Here you’ll get step by step instruction for marketing on Craigslist that won’t violate any of their strict TOS.

9) (Facebook) Giveaway Method. In this virtually unknown method you will learn of a Facebook giveaway method that works great for CPA.

10) Max Bounty Acceptance: Tutorial on how I was accepted to being accepted to Max Bounty (after being denied the first time).

11) Free Online Ads – Here I’ll show you where you can post ads to high trafficked forums and free online and drive free traffic to your CPA offers.

12) Rolodex of Online Workers To Outsource.  This is a list compiled by myself and some of my mentors for getting the best in the business do work for your online business - all for extremely cheap!

13) How To Build a Landing page - Full tutorial on getting a landing page set up. This will help you a lot 7Min Sales Machine.

Get 7Min Sales Machine And All Relevant Bonuses


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