7 Figure Launch System Review

7 Figure Launch System


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7 Figure Launch System Review

Welcome to my 7 Figure Launch System review.

7 Figure Launch System is a new info product by Michael Cheney.

It goes live on August 30th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

7 Figure Launch System Review
7 Figure Launch System Review

What Is This System All About, Exactly?

With this launch system, you will have the opportunity...

...to have the same 7-figure product launch business that Michael Cheney...

...has established for himself over the last 20 years as a marketer.

He assists you along the way to create your own successful launch business.

So, with this system, all is laid out for you to create and market your own product.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

When you enter the members area, you will take the following steps:

  • Register for the onboarding system
  • Join the FaceBook Group
  • Get Started with The Program

Once you enter the members area, you will go through these training videos.

7 Figure Launch System Review
7 Figure Launch System Review

What Are The Pros and Cons of The System?

The main drawback of this system is not so much a drawback but a reality.

This system is not a magical push button solution to making money online.

It provides you the steps that you will need to follow to have success.

However, the steps are clearly laid out so you will know exactly what to do.

Product launching is the way that most internet marketers make big money.

Yes, you can earn well online as an affiliate only...

...but as a seller of products you earn money and build a buyers list at the same time.

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Who Is This Training For/Not For?

Clearly this is not for those with no interest in launching a product.

However, you may have limiting beliefs regarding this.

You may think that there is too much involved and thus not for you.

This can be the case if you go at it alone.

Yet, this system gives you top level information...

...from one of very top practitioners of product launching.

So, this really is for those who are on the fence...

...about creating and launching their first product.

Also, if you have tried product launching in the past...

..and it didn't work for you then you should give this system a go.

7 Figure Launch System Review
7 Figure Launch System Review

7 Figure Launch  System Review: Final Thoughts

As one who has a dozen product launches under his belt...

...both on my own and with partners, I'm quite familiar with this process.

So, what I have done is put together exclusive launch only bonuses...

...giving both an inside, behind the scenes look of all my dozen launches

both solo and with big names in the industry, formerly and present...

Please make sure to check these exclusive launch only bonuses below.

They expire on September 6th at 11:59PM EST - so you will want to move quickly.

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OTOs of 7 Figure Launch System 

FE Bump: You will see this at checkout. Behind the Scenes Case Study of a $400K Product Launch - $17.95 (100% Commission) A behind the scenes view of Michael’s $400,000 launch earnings, this is based on just one campaign. You will see step by step on video every thing that Michael did to earn $400,000 from one of his successful launches in 2022.

OTO#1: Lucrative Launch Partnership - $197.  Lucrative Launch License; Passive Profits Partnership; Automated Profits Program; $30K Commissions Credit; $1K per Day Blueprint; Market Domination Formula Lifetime Profits Masterclass.

OTO#2: 10X Profit Launchers - $97 Copy-Paste Profits; Copy Click Campaigns; 10X Profits Marketing Vault
10X Profit Masterclass; Bank-Big Bonus Pack

OTO#3: The Traffic Automator $97 Passive Profits Maximizer; Traffic Acceleration Formula; Authority Activator
The Traffic Switch; Fast-Scaling System; The Money Siphon; The Maximum Conversion System; The Instant Leverage Framework

EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH-ONLY BONUSES (Gets Removed on September 6th)

Behind the scenes look & lessons learned from my 12 Product Launches - the Great, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.  From launch hits to launch blunders and disappointments. From launch celebrations to launch drama.  This bonus was created exclusively for 7 Figure Launch System.  

Advanced Product Creation Secrets Super high value information that I learned in high ticket training on the art of product creation and continue to apply to this day. A very congruent, must-have bonus for 7 Figure Launch System.


Bonus #1: Warlord Secrets FE & OTO#1- Get my previous best-selling course from September 2021 - both front end access & the pro verision OTO#1

Bonus #2: The CPA Project Done For You upgrade.  With your purchase of Profit Cyclone,

Bonus #3: (Mega Bonus): Top 5 Traffic Sources of 2022 + Full Training on each platform
1. Instagram Influencer Marketing
2. Google Display Ads
3. Snap Chat Ads
4. Solo Ads
5. Pinterest Ads
Bonus #4: Lindgren's Lazy Method.  Great underground training for ranking YT videos on YouTube and Google. Still working in 2022.

Bonus#5: Avalanche List Building – complete training on list building.

Bonus #6: Online Free Ads Secrets: Tutorial and training on how to get traffic by placing free ads.

Bonus #7: Facebook Groups Strategies.  Top level strategies on how to grow your own Facebook Group in 2022.

Bonus #8: The Secret Weapon: Powerful Facebook strategy for getting most out of Facebook groups.

Bonus#9: Facebook Laser Targeter:  Use this powerful tool to build your following on Facebook using the same algorithm as FB ads.

Bonuses #10: All Vendor Bonuses

Exclusive, Vendor-Arranged Bonuses

The Customer Magnet (full book by Michael Cheney)

“Accelerate Your Commissions”

Sell Sell Sell **(Where The Millionaire Money is!)

Three Little Known Cash Tactic

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