6 Figure Secrets Review

Welcome To my 6 Figure Secrets review.

6 Figure Secrets is a new training by Philip Johansen, Dan Khan, and Robin Palmer.

It goes live on April 28th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

6 Figure Secrets Review
6 Figure Secrets Review
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What Is 6 Figure Secrets All About?

6 Figure Secrets is training which reveals the secrets of product creation.

It includes multiple resources to help anyone new to online marketing create their own products.

Students will learn how to leverage other people’s hard work and use it for their own gain.

What this course teaches is how to generate unlimited amounts of traffic to your own product.

Then, you will learn how to build a buyers list of customers wanting to buy from you over and over again.

6 Figure Secrets Review

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will want to go through the welcome module.

Then, you will go to the “1 Day Setup” module and follow those videos.

After this, you will be ready to watch the videos in the “main training” section.

These consist of the following videos:

  • Structuring Your Product And Coming Up With Ideas
  • Creating The Main Training
  • Creating The Upsells
  • Welcome Video And Overview Video
  • Easy 3 Step Sales Letter Training
  • Build Your Site For Free
  • How & Where To Generate Traffic

Also, you will be able to access “additional resources and training.”

6 Figure Secrets Review
6 Figure Secrets Review

Who Is 6 Figure Secrets For/Not For?

This training is perfect for those who have not created their own product before.

Especially, it’s suitable for those who have done affiliate marketing for some time…

…but have not created your own product and you want to do so.

Or, it’s a good option for those who got stuck in the product creation process

and need a course to guid them through the procuess.

If you are an experienced product creator then this may not be for you.

Even still, there is a lot of info here valuable to even those experienced in product creation.

6 Figure Secrets Review: Final Thoughts

As an experienced digital product creator myself, I know what it takes to create a strong product.

I’ve received 6 Deal Of The Day awards on Warrior Plus, despite being a relatively obscure marketer.

How did this happen?

I learned some special product creation hacks that are mostly unknown.

In my custom bonuses, I will reveal these to you.

Additionally, I’ve included bonuses that will help you with your product creations.

Click Here To Get 6 Figure Secrets + All Relevant Bonuses

OTOs of 6 Figure Secrets

OTO#1 – 20X Accelerator – ($47 DS to $37). The 1st upgrade is virtually a DFY setup of the system. With this upgrade you get stacks of professionally created videos, social media posts, graphics and more that you can customize in seconds and plug in to any campaign.
This also includes a full series of 30 done-for-you follow up emails to automatically monetize new leads hands-free + a full email marketing course.

OTO#2 – 800% Income Booster – ($67 DS to $37). This upgrade gives users the exact step-by-step methods the vendors followed to increase their revenues by 800%. Beginner-friendly but profitable hacks for exploding their buyer audience, increasing authority, dominating any niche.

OTO#3 Traffic Mastery – ($97 DS to $67) This is an ‘all-in-one’ solution. The vendors have taken proven strategies from the highest-earning marketers on the planet, applied them to their business and then broken them down into simple steps customized for 6 Figure Secrets. Using free traffic, underground social media as well as the hottest platforms out there.

OTO#4: Unlimited Traffic- ($97 DS to $67). Allow customers to put their pixels on our sales page and have a digital email list. The vendors pages get hit by multiple 1000s of buyers. These buyers are yours for the taking

OTO#5 Reseller Rights – ($97 DS to $47). Get 100% resell rights to 6 Figure Secrets. Double your profits by selling 6 Figure Secrets as your own. Be able to sell this hidden guru strategy that no one has revealed.


#1: Digital Product Creation Strategies. In this bonus, I reveal the exact strategies how I create content for my courses, which I use for bonuses and full-blown courses  I’ve had 6 DOTD winning courses on Warrior Plus that have come about by these very methods.

#2: Additional Underground hack for creating courses that will wow the marketplace.  

#3: Where I get My Log & Box Covers Done For My Product Launches.  In this bonus I reveal where I get logo and box sets.

#4: The best eBook cover creators I’ve used.  Before getting into internet marketing, I wrote eBooks on Kindle and used these graphic designers (so if you’re like me and graphic design is not your thing and you want to outsource…this then I’ll show you where to go to get amazing eBook covers done cheap).

#5: A 7-figure guru’s ultimate resources for online marketing. While this is freely available on the web, it’s difficult to find! I’ve been using this myself for the last few months, but now I’d like to share it with you. This is a piece of affiliate marketing gold.

#6: How To Set up WordPress site, a landing page builder, and where to get landing page builder for $7.

#7: How I Got To 25+ Sales On Warrior Plus & JV Zoo (After being stuck below 5 sales for what seemed like forever). In this tutorial I reveal the primary strategy that helped me break out of stagnation and get to 25+ sales on both of these marketplaces. 25+ sales is where you need to be because it’s the point where you start to get automatic approval and review access for product launches.

#8: Urgency Suites Pro. Create urgency and scarcity to your digital marketing campaigs with this tool.

#9: High Ticket Hero. 

#10: 0-$100 in 24hours (Full course on promotions in the internet marketing space)

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