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If you are like majority of women, you must be struggling hard to lose weight and develop an hourglass figure for a while. Unfortunately, the present-day diet, consisting of abundant fats, and busier life schedule are leaving no room for most to work out on their body on regular basis. In this situation, diet supplements and weight loss programmes attract most customers but again the quality and results of these options leave many disappointed.

Venus Factor Program is a weight loss program exclusively for women and aims at providing you with the tools that you might possibly need to reach the best shape you have ever been in.What differentiates this from the mainstream weight loss programs is that it takes into account individual needs of a woman in terms of specific ratios and then suggests comprehensive solution to burn fats, build muscles and develop the desired figure.

How Venus Factor Works

The Venus factor is a complete guide that can help you get the perfect shapely body you always dreamt about. But, as the internet is giving people more ideas to get their weight in control, there are numerous scams these days. Most of these programs or guides include ways like medication and strict exercises that are certainly not possible and have a number of side effects. It helps you control your body fats with simple nutrition and exercise principles; you can achieve what others fail to give you. And, this is the perfect shapely body you always wanted to have. The guide is simple and easy to understand. If you are worried about making your decision to get the guide but can’t decide, you will find lot of the Venus factor reviews written by the users who tried this guide that also helps you understand that the Venus factor weight loss program does work or not.

With a proper control on the Leptin produced in your body, you can control your urge to eat and the amount of fats produced in your body. What else we all want than having a good body shape and fats in control. It is ideal for women. We know how important it is for them to be in shape. They always want to be slim and in a great shape. Well, this guide is just a solution for you. So, why wait and take chances by having other programs involving harmful medications and other exercises. Use the Venus factor guide and you will see the difference in a lesser time than you imagine.

Now forget all those medications and methods that bring pain. For all those women who want to get back to their perfect shape using diet and exercise, this is what you are looking for. Most of the women who lose their body shape and gained a lot of weights, especially after having babies are the one who needs this guide the most. The guide is causing a lot of influence on women and helped them get their perfect body shape around the globe.

What Does The Venus Factor Program Include?

The Venus Index

This unique index lets you know your ideal body shape. For this, the index uses three ratios:

  1. Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR):     The ideal waist you should look for is “38%” of your total height. For example, if you are 68 inch tall, your waist should be ideally 25.84 inches.
  2. Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR): Multiply your optimal waist circumference by “1.42” to know the ideal measurements for your hip. Extending the first ration, your hipratio should be 36.69
  3. Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR): Multiply your waist size by “1.618” to determine the ideal circumference for your shoulders. So based on your WHR your WSR is 59.36.
  4. Importance of Ratio Measuring: According to these ratios, every woman is a unique entity requiring a different set of diet and workout to get the desired figure. Hence the program works equally well for those desirous of losing weight and the ones who are so skinny that they are running after curves.

Imagese  Venus Factor has been designed keeping in view the female metabolism,
I suggest you to watch the video, in order to know the product features.

The Venus Factor Weight Lose Program Consisting:

The Body Centric Eating Guide

Once you know your ideal figure, this eating guide will help you decide what and how to eat in order to materialize your dream. Bases on the Venus Index, this guide suggest with different eating habits to females: some will need to increase their daily intake of calories while others may be required to do otherwise.

A Venus Factor Workout Manual and Schedule

It is a 3 phase workout guide, with each phase lasting for 4 weeks. Hence the guide is a 12 week workout plan, suggesting you to achieve your dream figure by following a detailed exercise program. For your convenience, the manual comes with images, videos and illustrations so that you may also keep a track record of whether you are going the right way.

The success and the popularity of Venus factor guide are because it is available online and thousands of women of all ages having used it and reshape her body. However, if you are still thinking that the Venus factor does not work, but the reviews and the increasing demand of the guide amongst women tells a lot stories over the web. It is a guide for women that is designed after making a long research in regards with the functioning and operation of the feminine body like, the metabolism and etc.

The book offers you diet and workout plans that should be done properly to get the results in the required time. Your determination determines through this program is a 12-week and you are required to work out for three days of each week. Every day, there is a set of exercises and workout that needed to be performed and to support them the videos are there.

To help females do the exercises, the Venus factor workout videos can be a great help. The guide is simple, but many people who are not used do exercise might find some difficulty in performing them initially. These videos not only guide them how doing it perfectly, but also boost them in the process. This guide helps what female want and how their body responds to when it comes to weight and fats.

Exclusive Membership in the Venus Factor Community

Since you are not alone in your struggle to get an ideal body shape, you can connect with women using the same program to share ideas and also for motivation and support. This option is offered to those women only who have purchased the Venus Factor program. The Venus factor site will give you an ID and password that is yours and you can access these videos there without any price to ensure that the daily and weekly workout. Make your life beautiful again by getting rid of excessive fats and get a perfect shape.

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 Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist

It is easier for you to operate the Venus factor virtual nutritionist program once you read all the instructions in the Venus factor program. It is a helpful guide for all those women who are waiting to get their skinny body back and lose more than 10 pounds of the excessive fats away from your body with simple diet and exercise. The virtual nutritionist software works simply. This is a calculator of your results which gives you the ideal measurements throughout your program. This software requires your height, age, weight and a few more things to make up a calculation so that you know what ideal measurements you require to attain. This also calculates the calories you can take while you eat for a healthy weight loss.

The Venus factor book is just for you ladies, get the best from it. The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist also acts as a boosting for you. Don’t understand how? Well, this gives you an ideal measurement for you to achieve. Each week or day you check and match how far you came will help you get to your goal to get the perfect shape. It is though not an easy process and requires time, but with a focus on the goal you want to achieve. This is what you want. The nutritionist not only tells you the number of calories that you should take while you are gaining muscle. It also tells you the number of calories that you should eat to maintain your current weight.

It is a game of controlling your calories and you can win half of your battle against your excessive weight. One thing that makes it ideal for you is it is you who select what is right for you and also the time. Just stick to the guidelines and you will see good results.

The Venus Factor System is Legit or Scam

If you search for a weight loss guide on the internet, you will find thousands of remedies and tips that are there to help you with it. But most of them are fake or scam. They are not suitable for your body and some of them might cause some side effects that are not easy to get rid of. Many claim that they can help, but the results are not a long term or some even doesn’t show any results. So, what to do? The Venus factor weight loss program is a genuine that can help ladies to lose the weight.

This all might seem some kind of delusion, but what you should be asking here is that, is the Venus factor legit? Yes, it is. When you determine to select any product or guide online. One thing that you should do is to read the reviews. They can tell you what this guide actually is. The Venus factor testimonials show that it works for many people. Though some might not agree, however, You can decide with your own intellect and experience that the guide designed by John Barban scam or not.

These Venus factor diet real reviews can help you, but the final decision should always be yours. The overall impact of the guide is positive for ladies and their needs to get the perfect shape of their body back. It is working for most of them as it is designed keeping in mind how their bodies function.There are many claims that are being made about what you see and feel is what makes it the best for you to decide whether the guide is working for you or not.

Venus Factor Secrets to Lose Weight

You might be wondering about the Venus factor secret that makes you lose excessive weight. The Venus factor book is a complete guide including diet and exercise plans that will help you get the body shape back. This is a perfect guide for ladies who gained weight and now want to get rid of the fats that is not required.

It is just not any other fitness program that claims to give you a passage to get rid of the excessive fats. It is a complete guide that is designed for women. It takes all the considerations that account the female point of view. It also understands the physical and metabolism of females, something that makes them different from men and it is important to understand them before you start taking any guide plan.

The Venus factor weight loss program is most likely the best things that can help females to get their skinny and perfectly toned body back. When a female gain weight, mostly fats are gathered in some specific parts like hips, thighs, waist and belly. This guide can help you slim down these parts of your body with a long lasting effect. There can be many reasons for a female to gain weight, but the Venus factor highlights the biggest problem that causes the weight and excessive fats problem and that is the level of Leptin in the system.

Yes! Leptin is what makes these fatty tissues that can be a reason for your weight is increased. The simple diet and exercise program mentioned in the pdf guide will help you learn it and accomplish it easily. If you want to be sure about the results of the Venus factor guide, then you can read the reviews on the Venus factor that can be found on the official site from where you can purchase the guide.

What else a woman can want to have other than losing weight and excessive fats and shaping their body or to be more precise, everything simultaneously. Say goodbye to excessive fats with this guide for ladies.

What is Leptin and its function

Getting fat? Well, the main cause for you to gain these fats in your body can be Leptin. Yes! Leptin can be a problem for you. It is a protein that is responsible for producing fatty tissue in your body. It also regulates the storage of fats in your body. In general, these tissues are referred as “satiety hormone” or as a “starvation hormone.” Hypothetical Leptin is said to be telling your brain that you have sufficient fat stored in your body. They help your brain to comprehend that you don’t need to eat as well as that you can burn calories.

The way Leptin works is simple. As mentioned that Leptin is what makes the body fats. The more they are, the more Leptin produced. When the bloodstream carries Leptin to the brain, it sends signals to the part of the brain called hypothalamus. It is what controls and directs the brain so that you know when and how much you eat.Your body works in a systematic manner, the more Leptin produced in your body the more fats you get on your body. For controlling this, Venus factor can help you get the body you like.

Advantages of the Venus Factor Diet Plan:
  1. The Venus Factor allows you to do exercise comfortably at home and quit expensive workouts done in traditional gyms.
  2. Everything, from Venus Index to exercise plans,has been clearly explained, so you can kick off even if you have no previous experience of spending time in proper exercise.
  3. The Venus Factor Program comes with sixty-day-refund policy so you don’t need to risk your money; just give it a try and claim your refund if not satisfied.
 Disadvantages of the Venus Factor Diet Plan:
  1. At times, you may feel less motivated to start a workout, especially if you have been accustomed to doing exercise in the structured environments like gyms.
  2. The Venus Factor does not bring about overnight changes in your body; it requires patience and commitment on part of the user to achieve the ideal body shape.

 Final Verdict

In sum, The Venus Factor Diet Program is custom-made for all women looking for developing their dream figure. It is probably one of few most comprehensive programs on the subject, and thus meant to meet the demands of customers.

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