The Venus Factor – A Comprehensive Diet Program for Women Only

If you are like majority of women, you must be struggling hard to lose weight and develop an hourglass figure for a while. Unfortunately, the present-day diet, consisting of abundant fats, and busier life schedule are leaving no room for most to work out on their body on regular basis. In this situation, diet supplements and weight loss programmes attract most customers but again the quality and results of these options leave many disappointed.


obr6Venus Factor Program is a weight loss program exclusively for women and aims at providing you with the tools that you might possibly need to reach the best shape you have ever been in.What differentiates this from the mainstream weight loss programs is that it takes into account individual needs of a woman in terms of specific ratios and then suggests comprehensive solution to burn fats, build muscles and develop the desired figure.



What Does The Venus Factor Program Include?

The Venus Index

This unique index lets you know your ideal body shape. For this, the index uses three ratios:

  1. Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR) :     The ideal waist you should look for is “38%” of your total height. For example, if you are 68 inch tall, your waist should be ideally 25.84 inches.


  1. Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR): Multiply your optimal waist circumference by “1.42” to know the ideal measurements for your hip. Extending the first ration, your hipratio should be 36.69.
  1. Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR): Multiply your waist size by “1.618” to determine the ideal circumference for your shoulders. So based on your WHR your WSR is 59.36.


Importance of Ratio Measuring : According to these ratios, every woman is a unique entity requiring a different set of diet and workout to get the desired figure. Hence the program works equally well for those desirous of losing weight and the ones who are so skinny that they are running after curves.

The awesome weight lose program consisting:
  1. The Body Centric Eating Guide. Once you know your ideal figure, this eating guide will help you decide what and how to eat in order to materialize yourdream. Bases on the Venus Index, this guide suggest with different eating habits to females: some will need to increase their daily intake of calories while others may be required to do otherwise.


  1. A Venus Factor Workout Manual and Schedule. It is a 3 phase workout guide, with each phase lasting for 4 weeks. Hence the guide is a 12 week workout plan, suggesting you to achieve your dream figure by following a detailed exercise program. For your convenience, the manual comes with images, videos and illustrations so that you may also keep a track record of whether you are going the right way.


  1. Exclusive Membership in the Venus Factor Community. Since you are not alone in your struggle to get an ideal body shape, you can connect with women using the same program to share ideas and also for motivation and support. This option is offered to those women only who have purchased the Venus Factor program.


Advantages of the Venus Factor Diet:

  1. The Venus Factor allows you to do exercise comfortably at home and quit expensive workouts done in traditional gyms.
  2. Everything, from Venus Index to exercise plans,has been clearly explained, so you can kick off even if you have no previous experience of spending time in proper exercise.
  3. The Venus Factor Program comes with sixty-day-refund policy so you don’t need to risk your money; just give it a try and claim your refund if not satisfied.


Disadvantages of the Venus Factor Diet:

  1. At times, you may feel less motivated to start a workout, especially if you have been accustomed to doing exercise in the structured environments like gyms.
  2. The Venus Factor does not bring about overnight changes in your body; it requires patience and commitment on part of the user to achieve the ideal body shape.


Final Verdict

In sum, The Venus Factor Diet Program is custom-made for all women looking for developing their dream figure. It is probably one of few most comprehensive programs on the subject, and thus meant to meet the demands of customers.

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